Love Magic


Lilith Dorsey

Magical maven, Lilith Dorsey, has packed into this fun, informative and practical book over 250 spells, potions, rituals and recipes devoted to all facets of love and sex.

Based on years of magical experience and prodigious research, this book includes sections on such topics as self-love, marriage, fertility, erotic adventures, the ethics of love magic and more. The spells are drawn from a wide diversity of magical traditions and focus on equally diverse situations. There are spells for finding love, keeping love and healing yourself so that you are ready for love. The book, also, includes rituals for invoking goddesses of love. Dorsey considers and discusses all facets of the romantic experience.

Here is the go-to book for every spell you will ever need for finding and keeping romance, passion, sex, marriage, fertility and love in your life. Rooted in serious scholarship while still exploring the weird, wild and wonderful side of love magic, this book provides expert advice and genuine spells that work to bring you your heart’s desire.

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