Paint a Double Rainbow


Sally Arnold

Mindfulness reduces anxiety and stress, improves focus and concentration, and creates calm – all attributes parents want for their kids. But what happens if you don’t know how to practice mindfulness yourself? How do you teach it to your child?

PAINT A DOUBLE RAINBOW provides 40 mindfulness activities for you and your child to do together, so you both reap the benefits as you develop a deeper connection. Whether you’re savouring silent sandwiches, sharing moonlight gratitudes, or taking a chalk walk, this charming book helps you develop a mindful toolbox, incorporate mindfulness into your daily lives, and create deep and lasting bonds.

Together, you can have fun exploring…

· A quick guide to mindfulness and its benefits

· 40 fun activities to practice mindfulness

· Stress- and anxiety busters through breathing, strengthening your senses, focusing, being kind, imagining, and relaxing

With this playful book, you and your child will discover how mindfulness for kids can transform your lives.

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