new system for booking psychic readings
* STay in touch with your trusted reader *

Mysteries *Shop* has closed!

You can now book direct with your favourite readers – see profiles for contact info.

After 41 years of community and rocket-séance, we are sad to say goodbye to our Covent Garden shop!
But the Mysteries Magic continues…

Our Psychic Readers are still available for Zoom, Telephone or WhatsApp readings
… some may even offer face-to-face in London 🙂

Going forward, you will be able to book directly with the Readers themselves – Mysteries will no longer be managing the schedules.

Psychic Readers are listed below by the days they’re available, and you will find their booking details within their individual profile.

Some Readers may still offer face-to-face services in London – please consult individual profiles for details.

Don’t lose touch! Wishing you all Open Roads…

Meet our readers


Any Day (subject to availability)

30m – £65.00 ¦ 45m – £85.00 ¦ 60m – £120.00

Zoom & WhatsApp readings


Book Direct with Aisha:

A natural born psychic, clairvoyant and clairaudient – Aisha has been giving readings for over 30 years. She is remarkable at giving you details and has an ability to see beyond the surface that will validate her amazing connection and abilities.
Combining her lineage and ethereal experiences from an early age in the deserts of Africa with learning from global spiritual sources, she can tailor the reading to provide you the guidance and healing you need in matters of the heart, home and work. Truth and honesty have catapulted Aisha onto the world stage of psychic readings, allowing her to assist an array of international clients.
Aisha is a spiritual  teacher , author and contemporary mystic , who is soft spoken and sincere .



Any Day (except Tuesday)
30m – £50.00 ¦ 60m – £70.00

Zoom, Telephone & WhatsApp readings


Book Direct with Barbara:

Barbara has been a psychic tarot reader for 20 years now. Although she is able to focus on a broad spectrum of different life issues, she has found that over the years her special calling has been an emphasis on relationships.
She uses the general and lovers I-Ching alongside the tarot.
Her readings provide a clearer perspective of your present life issues and their resolution.


Any Day (subject to availability)

30m – £70.00 ¦ 60m – £120.00
Zoom, Telephone & WhatsApp readings


Book Direct with Chris:

Chris is an insightful psychic tarot card reader and astrologer with over 25 years  professional experience. His readings are direct and to-the-point. Chris travels widely to  explore and teach sacred traditions from around the world.
He has written several books
  on spiritual subjects and is often consulted by the media and corporate organisations as  well as private clients. 


Any Day (Subject to availability)
30m – £50.00 ¦ 60m – £80.00

Zoom, Telephone & WhatsApp readings

Book Direct
with Daniel:

Daniel has 25+ years summoning, invoking, evoking and banishing in London’s occult fraternity, and is a Master of Tarot, Kabbalah, I-Ching, Astrology & Alchemy. His readings help you discover your power to transform your conditions.
He has traveled the World and sat with Masters from East to West, shamans, witch-doctors, arahats, padrinhos.
Readings are collaborative, practical & scholarly  – for healing, self-knowledge, & decisiveness.

A Divination with Daniel helps reclaim your power to choose…to be the Author of your Story and to Sing your own Song.


Any Day (subject to availability)
30m – £50.00 ¦ 60m – £80.00

Zoom & Telephone Readings


Book Direct with Jan:

Jan is a clairvoyant, medium, tarot reader, intuitive counsellor and healer, and has worked  with many people and enjoyed helping them to see more clearly what is going on in their  lives. Very often, Jan already knows what the reading will be about before it starts, but he  always starts the consultation by looking at your aura.
He allows enough time for
questions and will make a link with the spirit world.


Availability tbc

Zoom, Telephone & WhatsApp Readings


Book Direct with Tia: details tbc



Tia has experience with shamanic journeying, fairie magick and as a natural healer incorporates her working knowledge of crystals to heal and guide you to wholeness.
She has worked internationally and gives email, phone and face to face readings in her home in Sussex.
She has also led workshops in psychic awareness, personal empowerment and tarot and featured in magazines.
Tia will give you an accurate and insightful reading of exactly what you need to know in a positive memorable way.


Availability tbc

Zoom, Telephone & WhatsApp readings


Book Direct with Millie: details tbc


Millie has been working as a psychic and medium for over 20 years, having been psychic from childhood. She sees readings as protected spaces where clients can access support from spirit in making heartfelt wishes and desired changes to their lives. Millie is a positive and gentle reader, loves to work with clients over a period of months, get them to where they need to be, and is honest about what she sees.
Relationships, others’ motives and bottom line, right livelihood and home/family are special interest of hers but nothing is too big or small to merit attention from spirit.

Full payment is required at the time of booking. Readers now have their own Terms & Conditions – please request.
By using this site and engaging Readers you agree to the Disclaimer section below.
All readers are self-employed and Mysteries only advertise services.
All queries must be dealt with prior to, or on the day of the reading with the reader.
You must now book direct with the reader.
You must be 18 years old or over to book a reading. You may be asked to provide ID.
By proceeding with a reading, the client accepts the below Disclaimer, at the bottom of this information block.


Readers now set their own fees. Please refer to individual profiles.

Zoom, Telephone or WhatsApp Readings are available according to the schedules set out in Reader profiles. Please see the individual profiles for availability.

Readers are now responsible for their own schedules. Please refer to individual profiles.

Why not offer something different at your next event? We supply Psychics for Corporate Events  and Parties. Client Include: BBC, Eurostar, Tiger Apect, J Walter Thompson, The V & A, Matthew  Freud Communications. Please telephone: 07979 955 011 and speak to Branca

Readings arranges through the Mysteries website are for entertainment, spiritual and inspirational purposes only; no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of a reading. Clients are solely responsible for their own life choices and neither Mysteries nor the readers they represent will be held accountable for any interpretations, decisions or actions taken by clients based on information provided during readings. Readings should not substitute any medical, legal, financial and/or psychological advice given to you by any qualified professional in those fields. By proceeding with a reading, the client accepts this disclaimer. The first 5 minutes of the reading is considered to be a “grace period”, for both yourself and the reader. You are entitled to stop the reading within the first 5 minutes if you feel the connection is not to your liking. You may request a refund at this stage. If you decide to continue with your reading after the “grace period” we as parties to this agreement agree that you are satisfied and thereafter are unable to rectify complaints retrospectively. Your payment for the service confirms your acceptance of these terms and warrants that you have read and understood these terms & conditions of service.

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